Photographer-Visual & Graphic Artist


portrait de Michel Ajerstejn

Michel AJERSTEJN is a French artist born in Paris in the Belleville area in the 1950’s. At a very early age he starts practicing drawing and distinguishes himself thanks to his bright, rebellious and creative mind.
He discovers the world of fashion thanks to an unexpected encounter during his childhood. In fact , the photographer Willy Ronis took a picture of him and some other children playing in the streets of Belleville without them knowing it. This event sparked Michel Ajerstejn’s passion for photography.

He, first, chooses to study design at Esmod , a fashion and arts school in Paris. His work in the fashion industry would last for 20 years, displaying a strong interest and skills in graphic design and photography.

In 1995, he decides to settle down in an art studio in Courbevoie where he lives and works. In what has become a calm and peaceful space, he organizes himself an unusual and secluded universe where he acquires personal items, photographs, drawings, paintings, collages and other artistic creations.

In 1998, he exhibits for the first time a photographic portrait on a glass panel encircled by an iron screen at the « Réalités Nouvelles » art show followed by the prestigious "Montrouge" art show ; two key events in his artistic career.

In 2000, he photographs his favorite personal objects (typewriters, vintage telephones, Kodak cameras, stilettos, shoes, reading glasses, books etc…) and creates a series of artworks on armoured glass panels . These pieces of work will catch the attention of many art collectors and gallery owners in France and abroad where he is, today, exhibited. In 2008, IDEAT magazine calls him the « Glass Magician » in reference to his original and innovative creations on this medium.

In 2011 he participates at Photo Art Saint-Germain Festival in Paris with two photographic series, "Objets, Tri Select and Portraits, Urban Walks" and this event gives him more visibility for his work.

In 2014, he receives the ADAGP best Photography Award at the Salon d’Automne art show in Paris with the photograph "Cabine" which shows a chair simply staged in a fitting room.

In 2015 the photos on armoured glass from the series "My Face" exhibited at the Fotofever show, impress jury members as well as the international media thanks to the power and modernity of his innovative style.

Meanwhile, Michel Ajerstejn keeps on producing different series of photographs that display urban scenes in an off-the-wall way using humor and poetry. The favorite locations photographed by Ajerstejn are cities, streets, inhabitants, passers-by and everyday life objects. The artist plays with urban codes, the imperfections of reality, and the re-composition of the mediums used . These artworks need to be carefully examined, read, decoded… As Ajerstejn sometimes has trouble finding the right words to convey an idea, he chooses art in order to develop a conversation and rapport with his audience . In fact he is personified through his artwork.